Dali – The Lighthouse

The past tense before the Lighthouse

It all happened one cold winter day in Van der Valk in Hengelo when we met Mary-Rose as a Lighthouse for our problems.

My girlfriend and I have a business together and the things were not looking too bright for us. It was one big mess because our relationship was badly influenced by the business and our business was affected by the relationship.

On top of things, everything together was influenced by our old conditions and circumstances. It was not funny anymore. All that we attracted, was more and more disorder, wrong decisions, and problems. As it seemed we were just working 24/7 but moving nowhere.

One day my girlfriend came back from the fair in Hardenberg and said that she met someone special there. It was a lady who took a task of organizing a stand for someone’s business. She said that was definitely the best visited, organized and also arranged stand. And, apparently, she is life and business coach.

Well, decision was made. We are going to meet with her and see what happens. Is there going to be a “click” between us or not? Is she just another “coach on paper” or someone with the experience who can help us really change our lives?

The first encounter of the Lighthouse

First time I saw Mary-Rose, immediately I felt her energy, she literally filled the room with it. “OK”, I said, “that is promising”. Then she started to ask questions and I felt really uncomfortable. She was screening me, reading me like an open book. “That must be good, that’s the sign of her experience and her finely tuned intuition”, I thought.

And another interesting thing happened. My old programming started to scream at me, it wanted me to leave. It was desperately looking for what was wrong with her, looking for the reason not to accept her in my life.

Why would I do something like that?

Because my programming felt there will be a great change taking place in my everyday life. It knew that I will have to leave my “comfort zone” and that I will have to take full responsibility for what I think and do in my relationships with people in my business, in my life in general. Change was inevitably knocking on my door.


Of course, it all started happening very quickly. First she shifted the whole workplace upside down and in a few hours it was a completely new place. New energy, new feeling, same but different. ALL of my clients noticed it. “What happened here?”, they were asking. “Feng Shui, that’s what happend.”

And then the same thing happened in our home. And I have to say: “Wow, she DOES know what she is doing, this “stuff” really works!”

The visualization trainings were also a kind of obstacle for me in the beginning. Cleaning the old “stuff” that doesn’t work (letting go of my personal “reasons why I can’t do something”) and building a new world of my own creation.


Today, instead of thinking are we going to survive another year, we are focused on growth, on expanding the business, on moving the right way – following the Laws of the Universe.

Now, I’m not saying it is always easy, but for sure it is lots of fun. More we are involved – more positive results we see appear in our lives and that gives us even more energy to go on.
Mary-Rose is always there for us. Almost immediate respons if we are in a crisis. Always an answer to our question. Always help when we take a wrong step.


In these stressed and hectic times we are all in need of a “Lighthouse” in our life. Especially if it is one that gives a bright, warm and colorful light like Mary-Rose does.


Dali Lutz



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